How Does Bargaining Power Affect How We Shop?

Online platforms can see a direct correlation between the amount of bargaining power and platform size with merchants, new Maryland Smith research shows.

Mar 18, 2019
How Do Relationships Drive B2B Retail?

While a good relationship between a sales representative and buyer won’t always protect the vendor from being shut out of business, it may leave the door open.

Mar 15, 2019
Who Wins and Loses with Daily Deals?

Are those daily promotions, like the ones from Groupon, a good deal or not? They can be, but it’s all a matter of perspective, says marketing professor Jie Zhang.

Mar 11, 2019
Can Marshalls Thrill Shoppers Online?

Marshalls has always been about the thrill of the hunt, even more so than it’s big-sister store, TJ Maxx. What happens when it goes online?

Mar 06, 2019
How Do You Win Over a Tough Audience?

Reluctant consumers have three main ways to resist advertising. They can avoid it, contest it or look within themselves for empowerment. But marketers have tricks of their own.

Mar 03, 2019
What Makes You Keep Reading?

Online content creators who want to keep people reading should start by making them angry or anxious, Maryland Smith research shows.

Mar 02, 2019
Why Walmart Is Buying Everything

Walmart has been buying up ecommerce businesses, as it seeks to better position itself against the only other retailer in its weight class, It seems to be working.

Jan 30, 2019
Facebook’s Friendly Fraud

Apple got caught in 2013. Now it’s Facebook’s turn. A new report accuses the social media giant of knowingly duping children out of money to boost online game revenue.

Jan 29, 2019
Ingredients for a Great Super Bowl Ad

The really good Super Bowl commercials have it all. There’s story arc, memorable characters and emotion. Here's what to expect this year.

Jan 23, 2019
De Beers Looking To Alter Diamond Industry – Again

De Beers once swore it would never debase itself by selling stones that had been grown in a lab. Well, that was then.

Jan 15, 2019


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