Research Dissertations

Below is a list of recent dissertations completed by students in the PhD Program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Abrar Al Hasan (IS), “Information Transparency and User Behavior in Emerging Online Marketplaces: Empirical Studies of Social Media and Open Innovation Markets” Dissertation chair: Dr. Siva Viswanathan. 

David Anderson (OMMS), “The Impact of Resource Management on Hospital Efficiency and Quality of Care” Dissertation chair: Dr. Bruce Golden. 

Seth Carnahan (SM), “Employee Departure from Organizations: Three Essays” Dissertation chair: Dr. Rajshree Agarwal. 

Yu-Jen Chen (MKT), “Investigations of Factors that Affect Conumer’s Online Word-of-Mouth Behavior” Dissertation chair: Dr. Amna Kirmani and co-chair Dr. David Godes. 

Yuntao Dong (OBHR), “A Multilevel Investigation of Leaders Empowering Behaviors: Integrating the Job Demands-Control Model and Transactive Memory System Theory” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kathryn Bartol. 

Jordan Etkin (MKT), “From One to Many: Toward an Understanding of Multiple Means and Multiple Goals” Dissertation chair: Dr. Rebecca Ratner and co-chair Dr. Anastasiya Pocheptsova. 

Robert Felix (AIA),“Financial Reporting: A Look at Two Settings” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Shijun Cheng. 

Brad Greenwood (IS), “Pokes, Prods, and Pushes: Information Availability and Decision Making in Ambiguous Environments” Dissertation chair: Dr. Anand Gopal and co-chair Dr. Ritu Agarwal. 

Jiban Khuntia (IS), “IT Enabled Service Innovation: Strategies for Firm Performance” Dissertation chair: Dr. Ritu Agarwal and co-chair Dr. Sunil Mithas. 

Anupama K. Kothari (MKT/IS),“Learning Mechanisms and Health Information Technology” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Ritu Agarwal. 

Nitin Kumar (FIN), “Essays in Mutual Funds” Dissertation chair: Dr. Russell Wermers. 

Qiang Li (SM), “Antecedents and Consequences of Insiders’ Equity Shares Selling at IPO: Three Essays” Dissertation chair: Dr. Brent Goldfarb. 

James Edward Matherly III (MKT),“Observer Interpretation of Signaling in Consumer Decision Making” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Amna Kirmani and co-chair Dr. Roland Rust. 

Mahka Moeen (SM), “Reconfiguration Strategies, Entrepreneurial Entry and Incubation of Nascent Industries: Three Essays” Dissertation chair: Rajshree Agarwal. 

Ali Pilehvar (OMMS), “Essays on Information Flows and Auction Outcomes in Business-to-Business Market: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence” Dissertation Chair: Wedad Elmaghraby and co-chair Dr. Anand Gopal. 

Yixin Qiu (IS), “Institutional Logics, Indie Software Developers and Platform Governance” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Anand Gopal and co-chair Dr. Il-Horn Hann. 

Adams Steven (SCM), “Supply Chain Structure, Product Recalls, and Firm Performance” Dissertation chair: Dr. Thomas Corsi. 

Prem Swaroop (OMMS), “Problems and Models in Strategic Air Traffic Flow Management” Dissertation Chair: Dr. Michael Ball. 

Onur Tosun (FIN), “Essays on Executive Compensation, Capital Structure and Corporate Governance” Dissertation chair: Dr. Michael Faulkender and co-chair Dr. Lemma Senbet. 

Shun Ye (IS), “Reciprocity in Online Markets: Empirical Studies of Auction and Barter Markets” Dissertation chair: Siva Viswanathan and co-chair Dr. Il-Horn Hann. 

Dobin Yim (IS), “Online Networks and Pro-Social Behaviors: Empirical Studies of Charitable Donations and Environmental Sustainability” Dissertation chair: Dr. Siva Viswanathan and co-chair Dr. Hank Lucas. 

Program Abbreviations:

AIA = Accounting and Information Assurance

FIN = Finance

IS = Information Systems

MKT = Marketing

OB/HR = Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management

OM/MS = Operations Management/Management Science

SCM = Supply Chain Management

SM = Strategic Management