Meet the Researchers

Rellie Derfler-Rozin Dr. Rellie Derfler-Rozin
Assistant Professor, Management and Organization
Research focus: Psychological motives, social exclusion, fairness and justice, ethical behavior, and emotions. Full profile.
Rosellina Ferraro Dr. Rosellina Ferraro
Associate Professor, Marketing
Research focus: The effects of non-conscious social influence and external threats on consumer choice and preferences. Full profile.
Amna Kirmani Dr. Amna Kirmani
Professor, Marketing
Research focus: Consumers’ inferences of product quality from marketing signals, consumers’ use of persuasion knowledge, and branding. Full profile.
Rebecca Ratner Dr. Rebecca Ratner
Professor, Marketing
Research focus: Underlying suboptimal consumer decision making and focuses on variety seeking, motivation, and the influence of social norms. Full profile.
Yajin Wang Dr. Yajin Wang
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Research focus: Luxury brands and conspicuous consumption, and social/interpersonal influence on consumer’s behavior. Full profile.