Advertising Media Models (A Practical Guide)

Advertising Media Models (A Practical Guide) 

Roland T. Rust, University of Maryland

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ISBN Number: 0-669-09375-0


In the quest for increased productivity, many companies stand to achieve dramatic savings through more efficient advertising. But until now, media planners have lacked a comprehensive guide to the most effective methods for choosing when and where to advertise. This book meets this need with a concise, readable , how-to approach to media models that bridges the gap between theory and practice for making these crucial media decisions.

In an analysis of the media-planning process, the author tells where to find information to help you make intelligent buys in a variety of media, especially TV and magazines. He explains and evaluates each of the best models currently available, many of which were created by the author and are brought together for the first time in this volume. He points out the most important advantages and disadvantages of each model, assessing its accuracy as well as how easily and economically it can be implemented. Included are reach models to analyze the size of your audience, duplication models to estimate audience overlap, frequency-of-exposure models, media-selection models, viewing-choice models, rating models, and program-scheduling models.

Rust also presents a critical overview of media modeling research and describes the pitfalls of some popular media models. In conclusion, he anticipates changes that are likely to have a significant impact on the development of future media models, including the emergence of new media forms, advances in audience measurement, and the increasing sophistication of computer technology.

A glossary of essential media terminology makes this volume a convenient reference. It will provide professionals, students, and professors with the most structured basis available for making productive media decisions.

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