MBA Mission Statement

The Robert H. Smith School of Business Marketing curriculum focuses on data-driven marketing management, complementing the technology differentiation strategy of the school. Courses such as Marketing Research, Marketing Analysis, and CRM provide students with the analytical tools necessary for an analytical approach to marketing management. Special emphasis on service marketing, high-tech marketing, and B2B marketing focuses the Smith School's Marketing program on the most exciting growth areas of business.

Distinctive positioning and differential advantage with respect to its areas of special emphasis enable the Smith School to place its graduates domestically and internationally. Smith Marketing MBAs enter careers with leading companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, as well as with entrepreneurial organizations in high-growth segments of the economy.

Smith Marketing graduates possess unique skills and attributes, including:

  • The ability to use data analysis to drive decision making;
  • Special expertise in service marketing, high-tech, and B2B marketing; and
  • A customer-oriented viewpoint that supports customer analysis methods and customer relationship management skills.

In addition, Smith Marketing graduates have the traditional attributes of excellent marketing managers, including:

  • A mastery of the traditional foundations of marketing;
  • Strategic orientation;
  • Creativity and innovative thinking; and
  • The ability to integrate marketing with other business functions to achieve corporate objectives.
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