MBA Marketing Program Placement

Companies from a variety of industries actively recruit MBAs with a marketing concentration from the Robert H. Smith School of Business for summer and full-time opportunities. Listed below are some of the companies that have recently recruited on campus, as well as the types of positions that recent graduates have accepted.


  • Allied Signal
  • Black and Decker 
  • Citibank 
  • Campbell's Soup
  • Fannie Mae 
  • Federal Express 
  • Frito Lay 
  • Johnson & Johnson International 
  • Louisville Gas & Electric 
  • Marriott International 
  • MCI WorldCom 
  • Morgan Stanley 
  • Nabisco 
  • NCR 
  • Pepsico
  • Perot Systems 
  • Philip Morris 
  • RJ Reynolds 
  • The Gallup Organization 
  • U.S. Airways
  • Verizon

Types of Positions:

  • Assistant Brand Manager 
  • Associate Brand Manager 
  • Associate Product Manager 
  • Direct Marketing Manager 
  • Director of Partner Marketing 
  • Marketing Manager 
  • Senior Market Research Analyst 
  • Strategic Marketing Analyst
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