M&O strategy researchers are interested in the roles and problems of general managers and those who manage multi-business firms or multi-functional business units. Major areas of research and teaching include: strategy decision making, resource allocation, value chain configuration,; strategic control and reward systems; innovation; technology; diversification and portfolio strategies; competitive dynamics; dynamic capabilities; value creation strategies; competitive strategy; cooperative strategy; management of the global enterprise; creation and mobilization of knowledge; managing intangible assets; and the composition and processes of top management teams and decision makers.

Current research in the department is split between corporate strategy, which focuses on industry selection; business strategy, which is targeted at how firms should compete within industries; and firm organization, which looks at how the organization and management of firms affects their ability to compete within and across markets. Across these domains, faculty explore cognitions and decisions of CEOs and other top level managers, governance issues related to strategy and organizational structure, strategy formulation and implementation in the global context, and the dynamics of managing strategy and firm resources in complex changing environments.

The strategy faculty is composed of a group of very active researchers, scholars and teachers. We contribute to the training of students and managers who seek to learn about the strategy and the entire organization. Our courses in strategic management help students and managers improve their understanding of strategy and the total performance of firms. Our courses combine state of the art scholarship on strategy with a careful attention to the real behavior of firms.

M&O Strategy faculty are leaders in the field regularly publishing in the best journals and sitting on the editorial boards of elite journals. The strategy faculty are very proud to contribute to the Smith's Schools mission of becoming the top Business school in the country. The Strategy faculty are widely sought for their expertise on a broad range of business issues and Smith students always rank the strategy faculty as one the best teachers in the School

Our curriculum helps students understand the role of the general manager and more specifically to think about and comprehend the strategic direction of large complex organizations. Our electives include focus on strategy formulation, strategy implementation, managing strategy in the global context, and understanding industries and competitive dynamics.

Strategy faculty are actively involved in doctoral student education. For example, they regular publish and research with their doctoral students. Former doctoral students are now active research faculty at Berkeley, Cornell, Instituto de Empressa (Spain), Kentucky, Minnesota, Virginia, and other universities around the world.