The management and organization department offers two PhD majors. One in Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management, which deals with the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations, and investigates the enhancement of the effectiveness of an organization’s human capital in order to gain competitive advantage and achieve organizational goals.

The second is in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, which deals with the performance of firms and the various factors affecting it. The program takes a multi-facet perspective towards research in this area with economics, sociology and management all playing a collaborative role.

Why pursue a PhD from the M&O Department at the Smith School of Business?

Learning to do original, rigorous and interesting research

At the M&O department, we strive to impart in our students the passion for doing highly original and interesting research. All our coursework and research assistantships are geared toward developing the skills needed to do careful, insightful and interesting research. Our rigorous training is evident in our students’ many awards and top-tier journal publications and in our graduates’ placement in top academic institutions.

A Supportive Culture

The culture within the M&O PhD program fosters both a quest for excellence and collegiality-- students receive extensive support and advice from faculty and senior students towards the development of a research identity. From their first semester in the program students are encouraged to present their research ideas in our weekly Student Presentation Series (SPS), a safe yet challenging setting that prepares them for the rigor of academic career and develops their research and presentation skills. These weekly presentations are made in front of other students and faculty, not only providing students with constructive feedback about their research ideas and presentation skills but also prepares them to become better consumers and evaluators of research. Our PhD students also receive valuable socialization into academia, insights from fellow students and faculty through our regular Career and Professionalization Seminar Series (CAPSS). These sessions, include among other subjects topics such as the publication and review process, building a research identity, academic collaboration and more.

Opportunity to work with world-class faculty

The faculty of the M&O department is one the most scholarly prolific and productive in the field. Many faculty members are the recipients of multiple awards and serve in high level officer positions at the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society, as well as associate editors and editorial board members in major top-tier journals (including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science and more). More importantly, faculty members are actively involved in the PhD program: students work closely with faculty on research assistantships that often lead to joint publications in the top journals of our field. Students’ research assistantships assignments rotate over the program (students work with at least two faculty members per semester and these assignments change with advancement in the program) which allows flexibility and exposure to multiple researchers, research subjects and approaches to science. Students end up with honed interests and are able to develop a working relationship with faculty based on a personal and professional fit. Students also get excellent opportunities to interact with leading faculty in other schools who routinely visit us as part of our External Speaker Series and Cross-Disciplinary Seminar Series every semester.

For more information and to apply, please visit the PhD Program website.

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