BUSI 771: New Venture Financing

Course Description

Strongly encouraged for anyone interested in the VCIC. This course has been an effective training ground for VCIC team the past 3 years! This practical course is designed primarily to improve the student’s ability to finance a new or growing venture. The advantages and disadvantages of the sources of new venture capital are studied from the entrepreneur’s viewpoint. Core topics include bootstrapping, government loans and grants, commercial banking, angels, middle market private placements, DPOs, venture capital, venture banking, and small IPOs. Brief attention is also given to franchising, licensing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, leasing, and buyouts. A review of financial terms, financial statements, capital structure, valuation, deal structure, due diligence, and term sheets is provided.

Testimonial Videos

Student testimonial by Maya Merell, MBA candidate 2010, DC campusProfessor testimonial by Jonathan Aberman

Learning Goals

As a result of taking this course, students should be better able to:

  • Analyze the feasibility of financing new, transformed, and growing ventures.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the full array of venture financing options.
  • Acquire financing for a new or growing venture.
  • Understand term sheets and valuation methods, including options pricing theory.
  • Make oral presentations and work as a team member.
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