BUMO 752: Strategic Growth For Emerging Companies

Course Description

This course enables students to master the requisite knowledge to navigate through four fundamental stages of building and steering a firm to success, maturity, and capitalization. The course is about entrepreneurial strategy, management and the total organization. As such, it is an integrative course that probes and challenges accepted dogma and compares these to proven business practices. This enables the individual to compare and contrasts alternative approaches to achieve superior growth. As a result, students hone their academic and experiential skills to prevail as both innovators and successful business leaders.

Testimonial Videos

Student testimonial by Patrick Sarsfield, MBA class of 2009, DC campus

Professor testimonial by Jonathan Aberman

Learning Goals

The course provides the students with the knowledge and strategic postures to excel in the four basic stages of building a company from an entrepreneurial idea through a sustained high growth enterprise. Specifically, successful students will be able to:

  • Assess ideas, whether the student’s own or not, for maturity and breadth so that it may succeed as a new venture with high probability of growth and profitability.
  • Become aware of the hurdles, which are often encountered in the business launch phase.
  • Evaluate the likely effectiveness of growth strategies.
  • Prioritize and apply specific alliance, acquisition, and expansion strategies either as the entrepreneur-manager, a growth consultant, or appointed business leader.
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