BUMO 751: Implementing Strategy: Organizing to Compete

Course Description

Most of what you do in your job, and much of your success there, is implementing strategy. It’s the work of actually getting strategy done. Always, that means getting individuals and organizations to change. In this course you get access to the planning, change management, project management, improvisation, and other tools you need. You’ll be given opportunities to apply and practice through cases, exercises, and projects. You should intend to develop your personal mix of planning, improvisation, and leadership to improve your performance at executing strategy.

Strategy formulation and implementation in real situations are inseparable. To get strong performance, managers have to be good at devising strategies and at implementing them to get results. On the other hand, the skills, tools, and knowledge bases differ. So, the two tend to be separated by academic discipline into separate literatures, research streams, and MBA courses. We define strategy as integrating activity across functions. While IS focuses on implementation in the traditional way, it is in the context of the analysis and formulation of strategies.

Testimonial Videos

Student testimonial by Ndo Osias, MBA class of 2010, Baltimore campus

Learning Goals

Students should take away from Implementing Strategy:

  • Experiences with actual implementation/execution issues through cases and invited speakers
  • Frameworks, models, and other tools to analyze implementation issues systematically
  • Evaluation of tools currently used in practice
  • Understanding of factors that make it hard or easy and why
  • Skills to manage the analytic, behavioral, and leadership side of strong execution
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