BUMO 725: Networks and Influence

Course Description

This course focuses on networks, social capital, and influence as they relate to operating effectively in organizations. It draws heavily on emerging literature related to social capital and networks, but also integrates concepts from persuasion, communication, and motivation literatures to aid your efforts to build a successful track record for yourself and your organization. This course is aimed at enhancing your prospects of success in gaining and being successful in major positions by boosting your knowledge of critical social capital concepts and tools, encouraging and enabling your skill building, and providing for feedback.

Learning Goals

Your strong involvement in this course will enable you to:

  • Better understanding of social capital concepts
  • Be knowledgeable of networking techniques
  • Analyze your own network strategy
  • View contexts from a networks point of view
  • Build your networking skills
  • Manage on-going network relationships more effectively
  • Diagnose the power and influence implications of your networks
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