The Management & Organization department offers a variety of core and elective courses in the areas of entrepreneurship, human resources, organizational behavior, and strategy.

Read about graduate-level courses offered for students in the Management & Organization Department.

BUMO 660/732: The Real Entrepreneurship Competition

BUMO 712: Leadership Development 

“BUMO 712 was definitely a huge help for me. I keep my notes handy and often refer to my personality assessments for insights. In fact, I would say this course definitely contributed to my garnering a major promotion last fall where I now run our professional services division and report directly to our CEO!”

Silas M., MBA 2007, DC campus

BUMO 725: Networks and Influence 

“The networking, leadership, and ability to relate well to others that you learn in BUMO 725 are relevant to virtually any career. The course heightened my self-awareness and my understanding of my surroundings. I became a different person after completing this course and only regret that I did not take it earlier in my life!”

David S., MBA 2006, Shady Grove campus

BUMO 751: Implementing Strategy: Organizing to Compete 

“BUMO 751 would really help any MBA because the implementation side of strategy is important for any manager to know. Learning how to implement strategy in this class definitely helped me in my interviews and gave me a great foundation for my new career as a strategy consultant.”

Jon D., MBA 2010, College Park campus 

BUMO 752: Strategic Growth For Emerging Companies 

“I highly recommend BUMO 752 for MBA students who specifically plan to learn building companies from ground-up, protecting intellectual property, venturing into commercialization of technology coming out of University research and doing business with government agencies.”

Bhalachandra B., MBA 2009, DC campus

“BUMO 752 provided me with a great perspective on entrepreneurship and the reality of business in general. This is a great class for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, venture capital, or anyone who just wants an understanding of what it is like to start or grow a business.”

Abheshek N., MBA 2010, DC campus

BUSI 771: New Venture Financing 

“Anyone who thinks they will be starting a business or working in any capacity at a startup or a small business needs to take BUSI 771. It is another great tool for the entrepreneurial toolbox.”

Scott W., MBA 2010, DC campus

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