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Supply chain management professionals ensure that the desired product is available to the customer in the right condition and quantity and at the right time, place, and cost. To perform this function efficiently, firms need to coordinate logistics, transportation, warehouse location and operation, inventory management, packaging and other functions in a cost-effective manner. In this age of globalization, supply chain management professionals actively operate at the hub of an organization, interacting regularly with all other departments in the firm, including sales and marketing, finance, and operations, and with suppliers and customers located around the world. The focus of Supply Chain Management is on the application of models to increase the efficiency of organizations. Students in this major use state-of-the-art software applications to develop ways of increasing the efficiency of the flow of goods and services across organizations, from suppliers, to manufactures, to retailers, to end consumers. Supply Chain Management majors often double major with complimentary majors like Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, International Business and Finance.

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Sampling of Undergraduate Courses

BMGT 332 Operations Research For Management Decisions (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: BMGT 230. Surveys the philosophy, techniques, and applications of operations research to managerial decision making. The course is designed primarily for students not majoring in management science or statistics. Techniques covered include linear programming, transportation and assignment models, Markov processes, inventory and queuing models. Emphasis is placed on formulating and solving decision problems in the functional areas of management.

BMGT 370 Introduction to Transportation in the Supply Chain (3 credits) 
An overview of transportation, with an emphasis on freight, from the perspective of both carriers and users. Explores the financial, economic, and government drivers of transportation. Develops the characteristics of the freight modes and examines their roles as major components of logistics and supply chain management.

BMGT 372 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 credits) 
The study of logistics and supply chain management involving the movement and storage of supplies, work-in-progress and finished goods. Logistics cost trade-offs within the firm and between members of the supply chain are examined.

BMGT 373 Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management Internship (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: Permission of the department. Involves supervised work experience in supply chain management, logistics and/or transportation. Students will be expected to relate course material to work experience in an analysis of a firm's operations.

BMGT 385 Production Management (3 credits) 
Studies the operation of a manufacturing enterprise, concentrating on the economies of production. Introduces analytical method so that the broad problem areas of system design, operation and control can be based upon the analytical method.

BMGT 470 Advanced Transportation Management (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: BMGT 370. An in-depth study of a wide range of transportation issues facing managers, from the perspectives of both carriers and users, in the various modes and in multi-modal/intermodal settings. Current U.S. and international transportation issues, including strategies, financing, service, competitive aspects, and government policies/promotion, are reviewed and analyzed in the context of supply chain management.

BMGT 472 Advanced Logistics Operations (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: BMGT 372. Analysis of the operational aspects of logistics management, including purchasing policies, transportation planning, and inventory control. Attention is directed toward total logistics cost minimization and the establishment of a sustainable competitive advantage based on logistical activities.

BMGT 476 Applied Computer Models in Supply Chain Management (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: BMGT 370, BMGT 372. Introduction to the expanding base of computer software in the field of supply chain management. Applications include: demand planning and forecasting, transportation planning, warehouse management systems, and other relevant modules.

BMGT 477 International Supply Chain Management (3 credits) 
Prerequisite: BMGT 372. The study of the importance of the supply chain management concept within an international arena. Coverage of the structure, service, pricing, and competitive relationships among international carriers and transport intermediaries, documentation, location decisions, international sourcing and distribution, and management of inventory throughout the international supply chain.

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