Supply Chain Programs

Programs of Study

The Logistics, Business and Public Policy (LBPP) Department’s undergraduate program is designed to produce outstanding professionals in the field of supply chain management. Supply chain management deals with managing the flow of goods from a business firm's suppliers, through its facilities, and on to its customers. It is of critical importance in establishing a competitive advantage.

Proper performance of the supply chain can contribute to both lower costs and enhanced customer service. Functions key to the supply chain include: logistics, transportation, network location, and warehouse management. These activities comprise 20 to 30 percent of total costs for many U.S. businesses. The cost of freight transportation alone is about 8 percent of the nation's annual domestic product.

Whether you’re a recent graduate with an interest in how goods move around the globe, or a manager who would like to broaden your understanding of the global supply chain, the Smith Master of Science in Supply Chain Management will help you develop strong analytical and interpersonal communications skills and make connections with supply chain executives from a cross-section of industries. You’ll be prepared to lead innovation that drives business growth, promotes efficiency and helps sustain the planet, and gain the relevant, real-world experience most sought after by recruiters.

The doctoral program in Supply Chain Management is designed to produce outstanding scholars in supply chain management. Graduates of the program are well-qualified to take academic positions in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Graduates of our program have academic positions at many universities including: University of Texas at San Antonio, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, Lehigh University, University of Houston, Michigan State University, National Taiwan University, University of Arkansas, University of Rhode Island, University of Massachusetts, and University of Tennessee.

Students in the PhD program achieve excellence through:

  1. Extensive preparation in the major, a related minor, and associated research tools (primarily statistics or operations research);
  2. Joint research with faculty;
  3. Independent research culminating in a doctoral dissertation; and
  4. The teaching of courses for undergraduate majors in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.
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