Lemma Senbet Fund

Real-world learning. Job market return.

The Senbet Fund was founded in 2006 to give undergraduate students an experiential learning experience in portfolio management and equity analysis.  The goal of the student team, which includes two portfolio managers and 10 equity analysts, is to make long-term investment decisions to appreciate the fund’s value.

Modeled on the pioneering Mayer Fund at the Smith School, the Senbet Fund has the long-term performance goal of outpacing the appreciation of the S&P 500 on a risk-adjusted basis.

The Senbet Fund is a year-round, advanced course that immerses students in the world of finance, giving them the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills by making investment decisions with real money. Students also assess the results of the decisions they make and determine which strategies work and which to avoid in the future.

Working for the Senbet Fund can be as demanding as a first job while giving a senior finance major a competitive edge during recruiting season. The Senbet Fund is a real-world learning experience that helps prepare members for careers in the financial services industry.

Watch a testimonial by former Senbet Fund member Ryan Lee-Young.


Program applications are now closed for coursework beginning fall 2020.

Questions? Read our Fellows FAQs or contact smithfellows@umd.edu.

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