Mayer Fund Members, Class of 2019

The equity analysts and portfolio managers were selected through a rigorous application and interview process and were chosen based on their financial and analytical skills, leadership qualities, work ethic, professional accomplishments and ability to represent the Robert H. Smith School of Business. These select portfolio managers and equity analysts run every aspect of the Mayer Fund to ensure that it outperforms the benchmarks. Their activities include forecasting global economic trends, assessing risk, conducting industry and competitor analysis, preparing fundamental company analysis and research reports, pitching investment ideas, tracking performance, executing back office functions, and most importantly having fun.

Download the resumes for the Mayer Fund class of 2019 [PDF]

Charles Bare Charles Bare
Analyst, Industrials & Materials
Gery Brownholtz Gery Brownholtz
Analyst, Financials
Wei-Hsuan Chiang Wei-Hsuan Chiang
Analyst, Healthcare
George Dziados George Dziados
Analyst, Energy & Utilities
Chris Kearney Chris Kearney
Analyst, Consumer Staples
Ayush Malhotra Ayush Malhotra
Analyst, Financials
Bladimir Portillo Bladimir Portillo
Analyst, Consumer Discretionary
Shrutee Sangani Shrutee Sangani
Analyst, Technology & Telecommunications
Amishi Shah Amishi Shah
Analyst, Technology & Telecommunications
Patrick Smith Patrick Smith
Analyst, Consumer Discretionary
Hironori Higashiura Hironori Higashiura
Portfolio Manager, Performance
William Cornelison William Cornelison
Portfolio Manager, Markets & External Relations