Short Descriptions of Current DO&IT Research Projects

Faculty Significant Projects (high impact and current relevance)
Yi Xu
Operations in Sharing Economies, Operations of Online Platforms, Product Development and Innovation, Marketing and Operations Interfaces
Gordon Gao
Online reviews of doctors, mHealth
Raghu Raghavan
I am a great fan of Network Models (they are pervasive in my research). Below is a non-exhaustive list of application and methodological areas of my research.
Applications: Auctions, Energy, Health Care, Social Networks, Logistics/Supply Chain, Telecommunications.
Methodology: Network and Combinatorial Optimization, Linear Programming, Integer and Mixed-Integer Programming Methods, Heuristics, Large-Scale Optimization.
Margret Bjarnadottir
My research focus has been on the utilization of large data sets for improved decision making. My work spans applications ranging from analyzing nation-wide cross-ownership patterns and systemic risk in finance to cost predictions, drug surveillance and practice patterns in health care. In addition I focus on people analytics, with a special focus on demographic paygaps and the best remedies to fight them.
Peng Huang

Platforms and innovation ecosystems Knowledge-sharing platforms Threats of new entry in the IT industry

Hank Lucas

Taught a MOOC on Surviving Disruptive Technologies on Coursera 3 times

Helped launch the Smith School Online MBA Program

Chair of Blended and Online Learning Advisory Council

Zhi-Long Chen Working on several decision support tools for Shanghai, China based Baosteel, the third largest steel company in the world, to improve their production and logistics operations. This project involves a number of researchers in China, UK, and US. Several research papers are being revised or completed currently
Bruce Golden

Presented the Keynote Lecture at the Serbian Operations Research Society

In a forthcoming book by Corberán and Laporte entitled Arc Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications, a handful of recent legends of arc routing (the routing of vehicles over a
street network) are mentioned and their photos are included. Larry Bodin and Bruce Golden (both from the Smith School) are two of them

Joseph Bailey Edison Scholar at the USPTO (
Zeinab Karake Working on a new book on Cyber Security Policies ans Strategies in Developing and Emerging Economies
Gordon Gao Examining the role of empowered patients in managing their chronic disease and improving quality transparency
Marget Bjarnadottir

Data driven examination of new health care payment models

Core faculty in the new Online MBA Program

Sunil Mithas New Book on the theme of innovation and transformation: Mithas, S. Dancing Elephants and Leaping Jaguars: How to Excel, Innovate, and Transform Your Organization the Tata Way Finerplanet, North Potomac, 2014
Robert H. Smith School of Business