Research Impact

Faculty Reasearch Recognition (e.g., awards, media mentions, fellowships, etc)
Gordon Gao
Paper of the Year Award, MIS Quarterly, 2016
Best Conference Paper first runner-up, ICIS, 2016
Best Conference Paper Award, Informs/CIST, 2015
Raghu Raghavan
2016-INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of OR/MS Practice (awarded for excellence in teaching the practice of operations research and management science).
INFORMS Telecommunications Section Best Paper Award. Awarded for the most outstanding published paper applying operations research techniques in the context of telecommunications.
2014-Smith School of Business Distinguished Teaching Award.
2012-Olian Award for the best Summer Research proposal at Smith School of Business.
Outstanding Systems Engineering Faculty Award, Institute for Systems Research.
Doctoral dissertation advisor to Gisela Bardossy. i) Winner INFORMS Society of Location Analysis Dissertation Award. Given every two years to the best dissertation in the area of location analysis. ii) Finalist for INFORMS Telecommunications Section Dissertation Prize for the best dissertation applying operations research to telecommunications.
2010-Winner, Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize. This is awarded by the European Operational Research Society annually for an outstanding innovative contribution of Management Science in a particular field of management. For 2010 the topic was Optimization in Telecommunications.
Margret Bjarnadottir
2017 Finalist in outstanding young Icelander of the year, for societal impact and entrepreneurship associated with my research on people analytics.
2013 Second place, 2013 POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Award.
Raghu Raghavan Top 15% instructor Smith School of Business
Joseph Bailey Top 15% instructor
Tunca Tunay

Management Science Best Information Systems Paper Award Finalist, 2014 (selected for best IS paper
published in Management Science in the past three years), "Who should be Responsible for Software
Security? A Comparative Analysis of Liability Policies in Network Environments",
2011, Management Science, 57 (5), 934-959. (with Terrence August)

“Digital Piracy: Fighting Fire with Fire”, Robert H. Smith School Alumni Magazine,
Fall 2014

Having it all: A Buyer's Guide to low cost, high quality. Forthcoming in Research @Smith, based on: Tunay I. Tunca, D.J. Wu and Fang Vivian Zhong, An
Empirical Analysis of Price, Quality, and Incumbency in Procurement Auctions, 2014, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 16 (3), 346-364.

Krowe Excellence in Teaching Award (2014)

Top 15% Teaching Award

Zeinab Karake Interviewd by MBC TV on the topic of Cyber Security
Gordon Gao

Management Science Meritorious Service Award

Media coverage: US News and World Report, Philadelphia Inquirer, WebMD, National Public Radio, Yahoo Health, the Wasington Post

Sean Barnes Honorable Mention (2nd Place): Decision Sciences Institute Elwood S. Buffa Dissertation Competition
Peng Huang Management Science Meritorious Service Award
Ilya Ryzhov Finalist, INFORMS Junior Faculty Forum best paper competition
Margret Bjarnadottir

Smith School of Business top 15% teaching award

Second place, 2013 POMS College of healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Award.

Sunil Mithas

CIONET European Research Paper of the Year 2013 Award: Mithas, S., Tafti, A.R., Bardhan, I.R., and Goh, J.M. "Information Technology and Firm Profitability: Mechanisms and Empirical Evidence," MIS Quarterly (36:1) 2012, pp. 205-224 [Winner of the CIONET European Research Paper of the Year 2013 Award given by CIONET, an organization of about 4000 CIOs in Europe]

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (National Institute of Standards and Technology) "'Making an Elephant Dance': How the Baldrige Criteria Helped Transform a Global Conglomerate (5 Sept 2014), available at," 2014

Brown, M.G. "How to Detect Organizational Cancer and Promote Business Excellence,," in: Industry Week (18 Sept 2014), 2014

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