Undergraduate Majors

Information Systems

Computer-based information systems are an integral part of nearly all businesses, large and small. The information systems major provides information technology skills, managerial and organizational skills, and analytical skills required to design and manage business information processing systems. This program gives the student a firm basis in the business functional areas: marketing, finance, production, and accounting. In addition, it provides an in-depth knowledge of information processing technology, information processing implementation techniques, and management science and statistics. There are many diverse employment opportunities available to graduates of this program. The typical job areas include application programmer/analyst, systems analyst, and computer system marketing analyst. Such positions are available in both large and small corporations, management consulting firms, and government agencies.

Operations Management & Business Analytics

Operations management involves the management of resources for the production of goods and services. This includes such functions as workforce planning, inventory management, logistics management, production planning and control, resource allocation; and emphasizes total quality management principles. Operations managers deal with people, materials, technology, and deadlines. Career opportunities exist in manufacturing, retailing, service organizations and government.

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