Master of Science in Information Systems

Information systems is a strategic asset to any organization. How information is organized, managed and made available to decision-makers can be the key to gaining a competitive advantage. And the systems that capture, support and analyze a firm’s information can be the difference between a firm that survives and a firm that soars.

The Smith Master of Science in Information Systems program prepares you to lead in the ongoing technology revolution. Throughout the curriculum, the emphasis is on helping you understand how organizations can best manage technology to extract maximum strategic and tactical value. Accordingly, you’ll learn how to manage enterprises by effectively leveraging technology in every aspect of the business process. You’ll develop the latest technical skills and be well-positioned to work for a variety of organizations in exciting roles that are literally changing the world.

You’ll learn from the best minds in information systems today. Smith Faculty members are among the finest IS minds in the world. They serve as top consultants and advisors to Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. They are acknowledged thought leaders in Web 2.0 technologies, project management, transformational and disruptive technologies, and the impact and management of technology in organizations.

And, you’ll learn in one of the strongest IT regions in the world. Classes are held at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus, a short distance from Washington, D.C. Spanning from Baltimore to Northern Virginia, the Washington, D.C. region is one of the strongest IT regions in the world—a choice, sophisticated area in which to learn, work and network in the IS profession. 

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