Courses in Information Systems

BUDT 703 Modeling and Designing IT Systems

Co-requisite: BUSI 620. For BMGT majors only. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BUDT 703 or BMGT 725. Formerly BMGT 725.

Provides a solid foundation in the concepts, processes, tools, and techniques needed in systems development. Topics covered include process and data modeling, requirement analysis, object oriented design, user interface design, ERP and package implementation, and designing for the Web.

BUDT 704 Data Management Systems

Co-requisite: BUSI 620. For BMGT majors only. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BUDT 704 or BMGT 721. Formerly BMGT 721.

Provides fundamental concepts and skills necessary for designing, building, and managing business applications which incorporate database management systems as their foundation. Topics covered include the fundamentals of database management (DBMS) technology, alternative methods for modeling organizational data, the application of delivering data through Web-based and other graphical interfaces.

BUDT 705 Telecommunications and the Internet

Co-requisite: BUSI 620. For BMGT majors only. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BUDT 705 or BMGT 726. Formerly BMGT 726. 

Course focuses on helping the IT professional understand the technological, organizational, and managerial issues related to effective use of distributed computer networks such as the Internet. Topics include the evaluations of technologies for specific contexts and how to make investment recommendations. Also examines the economic factors that drive convergence and the powerful economic effects of open standard and connectivity.

BUDT 710 Information Technology & Corporate Transformation

Co-requisite: BUSI 620.

The impact and the enabling role of information technologies (IT) in transforming business and work group and individual processes. Topics include gaining competitive advantage through IT applications; identifying high pay-off IT applications, and leading the process of IT-induced change process.

BUDT 713 Security and Control of Information Systems

Co-requisite: BUSI 620. For BMGT majors only. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BUDT 713 or BMGT 727. Formerly BMGT 727.

The information control risks faced by corporations. Techniques for enhancing the security and integrity of corporate information resources. The auditing and control procedures for corporate information systems. Actual case studies.

BUDT 736 Data Mining

Co-requisite: BUSI 620. Recommended: BUDT 704.

Contemporary methods and processes for extracting information from large databases in support of tactical and strategic business decisions. Applications in areas such as customer relationship management, direct marketing, e-commerce, financial services and retailing.

BUDT 758 Project Management in Dynamic Environments

A great deal of knowledge work performed in today's organizations is project-based. Thus project management skills are crucial to the performance of most managers. While project management techniques are well established, the turbulent environment faced by many projects presents unique challenges to the project manager. 

This course teaches the basics of project management as codified in the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Covering the PMBOK facilitates preparation for PMI certification. In addition to the PMBOK, the course examines how this knowledge may be applied to technology-related projects. Participants also gain experience using project management tools and managing projects using a project management simulation.Although no significant technology background is required for the class (a small amount of class time will be devoted to relevant technology), students will be expected to be proficient in quantitative models and oral presentations. During the course, teams will be running a web-based project management simulation; the simulator is integrated with Microsoft Project. Topics Include:

  • Project organization
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Managing quality and risks
  • Project Staffing
  • Challenges of managing IT projects
  • Project Management tools

BUDT 780 Digital Business Models and Technology

Prerequisite: BUSI 620.

Course examines how today's firms must exploit the unique opportunities that are appearing online and simultaneously respond to the online threats to their existing business model. Topics include: economics of new information products, online shopping, one-on-one marketing, electronic distribution, net-enabled transactions, supply chain integration, and electronic communities. Course also provides an overview of the technological infrastructure that enables electronic commerce.

BUSI 790 Management of Technology

Prerequisite: None.

Students are introduced to a variety of strategic and operational issues that arise when managing in the presence of technological innovation, and provide techniques to approach these issues. Topics include the formulation of innovation strategies, technology diffusion and forecasting, the process of developing new products and services, productivity measurement, and the implementation of process technologies aimed at improving productivity (manufacturing and services)

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