DO&IT offers undergraduate, MS and PhD degrees in Information Systems, undergraduate degrees in Operations Management and PhDs in Operations Management/Management Science.

Computer-based information systems are an integral part of nearly all businesses, large and small. Information Systems provides the information technology skills, the managerial and organizational skills, and analytical skills required to design and manage business information processing systems.

In the Master of Science in Business in Information Systems program, the emphasis is on helping you understand how organizations can best manage technology to extract maximum strategic and tactical value. Accordingly, you'll learn how to manage enterprises by effectively leveraging technology in every aspect of the business process. You'll develop the latest technical skills and be well-positioned to work for a variety of organizations in exciting roles that are literally changing the world.

Operations Management involves the management of resources for the production of goods and services. This includes such functions as work force planning, inventory management, logistics management, production planning and control, resource allocation; and emphasizes total quality management principles. Operations managers deal with people, materials, technology and deadlines

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