"Ronnie Burns taught me the importance of centering myself and controlling my nervousness during presentations. Prior to working with Ronnie, I paid little attention to my posture, hand gestures and placement of my feet when I present. Since incorporating the many tools I learned, I am a more confident presenter. 

Coaching with Tricia Homer was phenomenal and life changing for me. Luckily for me, my cohort selected me to be one of the commencement speakers. And Tricia Homer worked with me to warm up my vocals before public speaking, getting comfortable with my voice,  master the art of storytelling. I think that was really critical for the commencement speech-- the art of being able to confidently tell my own story."

- Tricia Thomas, EMBA Cohort 17

"In professor Homer’s class I learned that every piece of data, all the text, and images are placed for a purpose and in a certain way. Learning this process of design was more valuable than the old way of just opening a PowerPoint. I learned to get rid of the PowerPoint template and come up with my own template and design that would represent my original work of delivering information."

- Ali Al Ghareeb MSBM ‘18 graduate

"We had great, great professors who taught us a lot. Business Communication is a required core course in the Marketing Analytics program. Students take the course in two terms. We focus on Oral Communication in Term B and then Writing skills in Term C. I took the course with professor Schaaf. Through practicing presentations and mock interviews, I learned very practical techniques in communication, negotiation, public speaking as well as business presentation. I was also the Spring 2018 commencement speaker and worked with professor Homer on my commencement speech."

- Ziyao Zhu MS in Marketing Analytics graduate

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