Webinar: From Spaghetti to Synchronicity - How to Grow Smart

October 17, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Danielle Stackus - dstackus@rhsmith.umd.edu
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Historically, organizations tend to look outward to generate growth. They spend buckets of money on "throwing business development spaghetti at the wall" to see what sticks. They try everything that their "marketing savvy" friends, peers and vendors suggest, including ads, sponsorships, events, websites, trade shows, etc. These efforts are uncoordinated, inefficient, hard to measure and expensive.  The most economical and effective path to smart growth is to start "at home", organically developing ambassadors on the inside, prior to investing in external promotional efforts. 

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to ensure your team is in "branding lock step"
  • The important role of internal communication to executing your growth plan and
  • How to coordinate all internal department silos to guarantee a collaborative endeavor

About the presenter:

Wendy Merrill '94 is the Founder and Chief Rainmaker of StrategyHorse Consulting Group.  She started StrategyHorse in 2013 to help professionals and their organizations to achieve smart and sustainable growth through the application of practical business development strategies.  Prior to forming StrategyHorse, Wendy worked in sales, marketing and business development capacities in the insurance and financial services space.  

The methodology of creative pragmatism that Wendy used over 16 years to build robust businesses is the foundation of what StrategyHorse offers its clients in every engagement.   The underlying theme of Wendy’s work is awareness.  In helping organizations to increase focus, adopt transparency, improve engagement, better coordinate execution and implement real accountability, they are able to overcome the obstacles to smart growth.

Wendy graduated from the University of Maryland in 1994 with a BA in History of Art, with a minor in Italian.  She lives in the Baltimore area and when she is not spending time with her family, Wendy dedicates much of her free time to mentoring entrepreneurs.

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