Strategic Goals

Smith Faculty and Staff Committee

The diversity and inclusion committee at Smith is comprised of Smith faculty and staff. This committee is formed to:

1) CREATE a vision statement that transforms Smith;

2) EXPAND the existing portfolio of experiences for diverse students at Smith; and

3) DIVERSIFY the voices of leadership and decision making at Smith.

To request more information and to inquire about joining the committee, email Sara Herald at

Diversity Empowerment Council (DEC)

The students at Smith are dedicated to creating a truly welcoming environment in Van Munching Hall. The Diversity Empowerment Council (DEC), overseen by Jeanette Snider, is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students who care deeply about the experiences of diverse students within our community. Their goals are to:

1) REPRESENT the collective views of the student body;

2) FACILITATE interaction within the community at large; and

3) UNITE Smith so that we may thrive together, rather than struggle separately.

To learn more about the DEC, email Jeanette Snider at