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Diversity at Smith

At the Smith School, we believe everyone's voice matters. Our community of learning is enriched when individuals of different backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences and interests are valued. This is not always easy or intuitive.

The Office of Diversity Initiatives works to advance a culture of diversity beyond race throughout the Smith Community and provide advising, programming, coaching and services to ensure inclusion for underrepresented minorities, women, active military and veterans, LGBTQ+ and international students, faculty and staff and individuals with disabilities.  Our relationships with industry, foundation, non-profit and government partners help to strengthen resources to support recruitment and retention efforts at the pre-college, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Here’s how ODI is leading the charge at all levels:

  • Advising, programming and targeted coaching
  • Building relationships with industry partners
  • Hosting events and initiatives that promote the mission of diversity and inclusion at Smith
  • Introducing methods and tools designed to:
         - Better facilitate dialogue around issues of difference
         - Foster greater understanding of how those differences impact interpersonal interactions
  • Leading outside recruitment and retention efforts
  • Offering workshops, training and diversity dialogues
  • Supporting undergraduate and graduate student affinity clubs