The Diversity Empowerment Council is spearheading an initiative encouraging the greater Smith community (faculty, staff, students and alumni) to share their voice through personal anecdotes about power, privilege, microaggressions, systemic oppression and other topics. Let's continue the conversation to move our country, our university and the Smith School of Business forward and make meaningful change.

Gender Wage Gap with Leila Bouhussein

More Women in Business with Maria Herold

Combatting Assumptions with Jennifer Wang

Ending Menstruation Stigma and Period Poverty with Zoe Rader

The Importance of Gender Inclusive Restrooms and Safe Spaces with Jaime Atilano

Growing up in America as an Asian American by Alex DoQuang

The Communal Impact of the 2021 Atlanta Attacks on Asian-Americans with Courtney Chiang DiStefanon

Mental Health Stigma in the AAPI Community and How to Combat It with Beidi Luo

Pronouns: How to use them to Create an Inclusive Space with Rachel DiDonna

The Model Minority Myth with Audrina Chang

Institutional/Structural Racism with Malcolm Woodbury

Turning Fear Into Fuel with Chris Lane

Diverse Name Appreciation with Terqueasha Wooten

Injustice in the Workplace with Alexander Hagans

Leadership with Victor Mullins

Justin Ferguson - Pigeonholing: Entertainment or Athletics

Jasmine Snead - Microaggressions & The Policing of Black Hair

Darius Hannah - Systematic Demoralization

Melanie Ashton - Discussing Race with your Children

Augustine Chatterjee - Framing within Intercultural Communication

Virginia Pierrie - The Power of Being Direct

Edgar Valenzuela - Minority Representation in Higher Education

Katherine Robinson - Tokenism

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