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Yuheng (Gavin) Ding

Yuheng (Gavin) Ding

PhD Candidate in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

M.S. in Finance, University of Maryland

B.A. in Finance, Nankai University-Tientsin, China

B.A. in Business Administration, Tianjin University, China

Yuheng Ding began the program in the fall of 2017. His research interests lie at the nexus of innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic human capital, labor economics, and economic growth.

He is currently a Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC) researcher with Special Sworn Status (SSS). His work utilizes the U.S. Census data to investigate the role of technological change, i.e. the increasing complexity of innovation, in firm innovation strategy, strategic human capital management, declining business dynamism, and rising income inequality over the past few decades.

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