Seojin Kim

Postdoctoral Associate

PhD, University of Maryland; MBA/M.S., Seoul National University, Korea; B.A., Seoul National University, Korea

Seojin's primary research areas include innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy. In her dissertation, Seojin studies how the heterogeneous origins of firm capabilities affect the firm's value creation and capture. With this focus, Seojin's job market paper examines how startups originating from heterogeneous knowledge contexts differ in their technological and value chain positionings. She studies three types of knowledge contexts captured in the prior experience of founders, namely academic, user, and employee experience. Her research context  is the prosthetic limb industry, and she uses a mixed-methods approach that combines quantitative evidence and fieldwork. Seojin's dissertation has been supported by the Kauffman Foundation and the Strategy Research Foundation. 

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