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Mo Chen

Mo Chen

PhD Candidate in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

M.A. in Applied Economics & M.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan; B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Nankai University-Tientsin, China

Mo Chen began the Smith PhD Program in Fall 2017. Her research focuses on how interdependence and uncertainty impact adaptation and coordination in a multi-agent and goal-oriented complex system. Methodologically, she applies formal and computational models and conducts large-sample statistical analysis using algorithmic learning and natural language processing. Phenomenally, her research can be grouped into two broad categories: corporate strategy and innovation and entrepreneurship. Within the first category, she studies corporate structures and inter-divisional interactions, especially the effects and performance of diversification. Within the second category, she investigates knowledge and capability transfer and sharing in innovation adoption and entrepreneurship. Her primary research context is open-source software.

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