Hyeun Jung Lee

PhD Candidate in Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

M.S., Seoul National University, Korea; B.S., Seoul National University, Korea

Hyeun Lee began the program in Fall 2014. Her research interests include peer influence, gender, and entrepreneurship. Her dissertation work was recently chosen as one of the eight finalists in the INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition.

In her job market paper, she focuses on the information environment of sell-side security analysts to show why female analysts reap lower returns from their male peers. To investigate this information mechanism of peer influence, she exploits a policy (Regulation Fair Disclosure) that made information to be more equally distributed among analysts and uses this policy as a shock that reduced the gender differences in information benefits from peers. She finds that women, compared to men, experience lower returns from male peers before the policy change, but not afterwards.

In another dissertation chapter that is under review at Management Science, she shows that well-performing peers may disrupt focal actors’ performance improvement in competitive organizational settings, because social comparison costs may increase when scarce resources (such as promotion or grades) are distributed based on the relative performance among peers. She leverages a unique dataset constructed from multiyear fieldwork in a Korean boarding school, wherein competition between peers and random peer assignments occur.

Outside of her dissertation work, she is also interested in how organizations utilize and evaluate females' capabilities, in contexts such as the board of directors and past entrepreneurs. In her research, she uses various experimental methods (field, lab, natural experiments) to parse out theoretical mechanisms that she is passionate about.