Hanna Lee

Assistant Professor

4332G Van Munching Hall
Ph.D., Columbia University

Dr. Hanna Lee has research interests that include the study of debt markets, default prediction, disclosure and financial reporting quality. At the 2011 American Accounting Association Annual Meetings, Lee presented her paper, “Creditor Coordination Effects and Bankruptcy Prediction.” In this study, she investigates the increase in forecasting accuracy of hazard rate bankruptcy prediction models with creditor coordination effects over the forecasting period 1990-2009. The most striking finding of this study is an increase, on average, of 10% in forecasting accuracy of private firm prediction models. In another timely research study, Dr. Lee investigates the information value of differences in credit ratings by agencies in predicting bankruptcy. Prior to completing her doctoral work at Columbia University, she earned a master’s degree in statistics from Harvard University , a BS degree at Seoul National University, and studied economics for a summer at the London School of Economics. Lee has professional experience working for Goldman Sachs in New York, Deutsche Bank and Citibank in Seoul, South Korea, and AsiaNet Corp.