Courtney Paulson

Assistant Professor

4324 Van Munching Hall
Ph.D., University of Southern California

Courtney Paulson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Decision, Operations and Information Technologies. She received her B.S. in Statistics from the University of Central Florida in 2011 and her Ph.D. in Business Administration (Statistics) from the University of Southern California in 2016. Her research focuses on applications of statistical methodology to interdisciplinary problems, such as marketing research and systems analysis. As such, she has worked with researchers across many domains, including both in business areas (e.g. marketing and operations) and outside business (e.g. systems engineering and computer science). The majority of Dr. Paulson’s work involves developing statistical algorithms to solve high-dimensional, data-driven problems. One such problem, the optimization of large-scale Internet media campaigns, was honored in 2015-2016 with the INFORMS Society of Marketing Science (ISMS) Doctoral Dissertation Award.