Brady Firth



University of Maryland, College Park
Doctor of Philosophy, expected Spring 2014
Organizational Behavior

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Master of Arts, August 2010
Thesis Title: “Self-regulation and Adaptation: A Process Approach”
Thesis Chair: Dr. Steve W.J. Kozlowski
Organizational Psychology

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, 2007
Magna Cum Laude

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the processes by which individuals and teams learn and adapt. I also examine broader drivers of individual, team, and multiteam system performance; including proactivity, leadership, and training.

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
I work closely with Gilad Chen and Subra Tangirala. I also collaborate with fellow students Beth Campbell-Bush, Michael Parke, Elad Sherf, and Alex Li.


  • Firth, B.M., Chen, G., Kirkman, B., & Kim, H. (In press). Newcomers abroad: Expatriate adjustment during early phases of international assignments. Academy of Management Journal.
  • Chen, G., & Firth, B.M. (Expected, 2013). The motivational underpinnings of adaptability. In Chan, D. (Ed.), Individual Adaptability to Changes at Work: New Directions in Research. Routlege, NY: New York.

Manuscripts Under Review:

  • Firth, B.M., Hollenbeck, J.R., Miles, J.E., Ilgen, D.R., & Barnes, C.M. Reducing representational gaps: The effects of frame-of-reference training on multiteam system performance. 1st Round Revise & Resubmit at Academy of Management Journal.
  • Tangirala, S., Srinivas, E.S., & Firth, B.M. Change the world or change the self? The effects of proactive behaviors on job performance. 1st Round Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Manuscripts In Progress:

  • Firth, B.M., Chen, G., Tangirala, S., & Ployhart, R. Upward influence in teams: From individual proactivity to team effectiveness. Manuscript preparation: Targeted at Academy of Management Review.
  • Tangirala, S., Pearsall, M., Chen, G., & Firth, B.M. When voice facilitates performance and learning in teams: Conditional effects of members’ voice on team performance and learning trajectories. Manuscript preparation: Targeted at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
  • DeShon, R.P., Firth, B.M., Kuljanin, G., Braun, M.T. Multilevel system dynamics. Manuscript preparation: Targeted at Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • herf, E., Firth, B.M., Taylor, M.S., & Anseel, F. Structuring the reflection process: Why and how after event reviews enable performance improvement. Manuscript preparation: Targeted at Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Parke, M., & Firth, B.M. Using goal conflict to explain the process of intra-individual goal prioritization. Manuscript preparation: Targeted at Academy of Management Review.
  • Firth, B.M., Campbell-Bush, E.M., (authorship order to be determined). Therein lies the difference: Patterns of variance as performance predictors in action teams. Data analysis and model refinement: Targeted at Academy of Management Journal.
  • Firth, B.M., Campbell-Bush, E.M. (authorship order to be determined). No emergence required: Instant shifts in team collective perceptions and climate. Data collection: Targeted at Journal of Applied Psychology.