Bradford Baker

PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management

B.A., University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Bradford began the program in Fall 2013. His research focuses on two areas. First, he examines individual and team proactive behaviors, such as speaking up and taking charge, and shows when and how these behaviors can either benefit or harm individual and team performance. Second, he also explores the impact of pro-other unethical behaviors, such as engaging in unethical acts to help ones’ coworkers and organization. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., he worked in international development, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa; as a grant writer, he managed the application process for over $100 million dollars in grant applications.

Bradford’s work appears in the Academy of Management Journal, The Leadership Quarterly, and the Harvard Business Review.

Selected Publications

Derfler-Rozin, R., Baker, B., & Gino, F. (2017). Compromised ethics in hiring processes? How referrers' power affects employees' reactions to referral practices. Academy of Management Journal, in press.