Brad Greenwood


Brad Greenwood is a fifth-year PhD and Job Market Candidate in the Smith School. His research focuses on how the availability of information impacts decision making under uncertainty. He earned his Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Virginia Tech respectively. He also holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and spent several years working as an IT consultant in the greater DC area.

Dissertation Title

Pokes, Prods, and Pushes: Information Availability and Decision Making in Ambiguous Environments

Dissertation Chair: Ritu Agarwal and Anandasivam Gopal

Dissertation Committee Members

Primary Research Areas

  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare

Primary Teaching Interests

  • Business Problem Solving
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Information Systems Strategy

Selected Publications, Conference Presentations, and Work- in-Progress

Peer Reviewed Publications: 

Corey M Angst, Sarv Devaraj, Carrie Queenan, Brad Greenwood; (2011) “Performance effects related to the sequence of implementation of health information technologies." Productions and Operations Management; 20(3) 319-333 

Published Peer Reviewed Proceedings: 

Greenwood, Brad and Gopal, Anandasivam, "Tigerblood: Availability Cascades, Social Media, and the Environment of the Entrepreneurship" (2012). Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 

Greenwood, Brad and Gopal, Anandasivam, "Ending the Mending Wall: Exploring Entrepreneur – Venture Capitalist Co-Location in IT Ventures" (2010). ICIS 2010 Proceedings. Paper 33 

Working Papers: 

Gordon Gao, Brad Greenwood, Jeff McCullough, Ritu Agarwal; “A Digital Soapbox? An Examination of Biases in Online Physician Ratings” (Under Second Round Review at MIS Quarterly) 

Brad Greenwood, Anand Gopal; "Ending the Mending Wall: Exploring Entrepreneur Venture Capital CoLocation in IT Ventures” (In preparation for submission to Information Systems Research) 

Brad Greenwood, Anand Gopal; "Tiger Blood: Availability Cascades, New Firm Formation, and the Acquisition of Venture Capital” (In Preparation for Submission to the Academy of Management Journal) 

Brad Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal, Anand Gopal, Rajshree Agarwal “The Shadow of Goliath: Scientific Discovery and the Abandonment of Technology” (In preparation for submission to Management Science) 

Honors and Awards 

Academy of Management Best Empirical Paper Award, “Tigerblood: Availability Cascades, Social Media, and the Environment of the Entrepreneurship” ENT Division Spring ‘12 

University of Maryland, International Conference Support Award Fall ‘11 

Brad Greenwood; Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Best Working Paper Award “Tigerblood: Availability Cascades, New Firm Formation and Performance in IT Ventures” Spring ‘11 

Brad Greenwood, Anand Gopal; Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Best Student Paper Award “Ending the Mending Wall: Exploring Entrepreneur Venture Capital Co-Location” Spring ‘10 



Working Papers and Work Under Review

  • Shedding Leg Irons: The Impact of Mobility Constraints on High Skilled Immigrant Wages over The Career Life Cycle. Rajshree Agarwal (University of Maryland) and Martin Ganco (University of Minnesota), Shweta Gaonkar (University of Maryland)
  • Small Firms as Sources of Entrepreneurship: The Moderating Effect of Immigration Status. Shweta Gaonkar (University of Maryland) and Martin Ganco (University of Minnesota)
  • The Strategic Network of Entrepreneurial Firms: Impact of Pre Founding Ties. Shweta Gaonkar (University of Maryland)
  • Spill in: Does parent have formal relationship with employee’s entrepreneurial venture with anticipation of spill in on success? Shweta Gaonkar (University of Maryland)
  • Timing of Formal relationship Between Parent and Spinout. Shweta Gaonkar (University of Maryland)