Although travel is limited this year, the Center for Global Business is leveraging technologies and resources to engage with the world in new and innovative ways. In this context, CGB introduces the #KeepGlobalSmith initiative. This initiative seeks to support and encourage innovations in global teaching and programming that give students opportunities to engage with peers, companies, content, and cultures around the world in new and exciting ways.

The #KeepGlobalSmith Grant

The application is open for fall 2021 through August 15.

CGB announces a grant competition to support teaching innovations in global learning for the online environment. Since COVID-19 has created restrictions on global travel, it becomes important for Maryland Smith to find new ways to expose students to the world and contribute to their development as future global business leaders.

In the absence of study abroad this year, the transition to online learning creates new opportunities for global learning. It makes it possible to connect people, students, and classrooms in different parts of the world. Such connections hold great potential for enriching the classroom experience here at the Smith School. It also creates new opportunities to bring in new sources that would be more difficult to schedule in a regular, in-person course. This initiative seeks to support and encourage teaching innovations in global learning that leverage now ubiquitous communication technologies to enrich student experiences. The grant can be used to support any teaching activity that significantly enhances global learning, including:

  1. Teaching collaborations between the Smith School and educational institutions located abroad;
  2. Collaboration for student projects between the Smith School and organizations or companies with operations or headquarters abroad;
  3. Entirely campus-based global learning experiences for Smith School students (such as simulations, cultural intelligence exercises, etc.).

Applications for fall 2021 courses are due by August 15.


Please contact Rebecca Bellinger, executive director of CGB with any questions or to express interest.

Curriculum Development: Faculty Global Resources

The Center for Global Business has curated a list of resources to assist faculty with the internationalization of their course content. Resources include case databases, simulations, podcasts, webinars, cultural intelligence assessments, and more. This list is updated regularly and continues to grow as additional resources are identified.

Student Programs

The Center for Global Business offers a variety of programs and opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage with the world. The current virtual environment makes it possible to connect students and industry in novel and collaborative ways.

Undergraduate Programs    Graduate Programs

Keep Global with CGB

As part of the #KeepGlobalSmith initiative, meet on Zoom with a team member from the Center for Global Business. During these brief drop-in meetings, learn more about faculty teaching resources, new engaging student programming, and other opportunities for you to build your global mindset at home.

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