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Pharmaceutical Risk

September 6, 2023
UMD Experts: Pharma Facilities Sit in Path of Tornadoes, Other Weather Disasters
Assessment Could Help Manufacturers Guard Supply Chains of Crucial Drugs

Bank Risk

How to Reduce Bank Failures: A Novel Approach
October 13, 2023

September 8, 2023
SVB and Signature Bank Fallout: Why We Need a New Approach to Regional Bank Regulation and Risk Management
Regulators seem intent on once again increasing capital and liquidity requirements for banks of a certain size – but data shows that mid-sized financial institutions remain less risky than larger banks. What’s needed, instead, is a more proactive safety and soundness strategy that addresses the root causes of recent bank scandals: poor governance and ineffective risk management.

August 18, 2023
Building a Healthy Risk Culture: A Q&A With Clifford Rossi
Banks with effective risk cultures are less prone to errors and more equipped to handle shocks. But what specific steps do they need to take to develop proper risk management values, and what are the traits CROs desire when they search for talent to support their risk management beliefs?

August 16, 2023
Banks could have credit ratings downgraded as Fitch sees risks in economy, interest rate increasesRatings agency Fitch could cut the ratings of U.S. banks across the industry as it evaluates its health in the fallout of a handful of large bank failures earlier this year and a drop in the overall credit rating of the United States amid ballooning deficits and partisan fights over funding the government.

August 2023
Why IMBs Don’t Need A CRA Cramdown
Expanding Community Reinvestment Act to IMBs looks good on paper, but is it?

July 14, 2023
The Commercial Real Estate Dilemma and Its Impact on Bank Risk Management
Banks that are heavily invested in the troubled CRE market now face a variety of complex risks, from the remote work trend to rising inflation to the uncertain future of office space. Which risks present the greatest threat, and can banks take proactive steps to mitigate them?

July 11, 2023
After Spring Crisis, US Banks Face Subdued Profit Outlook
Clifford Rossi, a former risk management executive at Citigroup and a professor at the University of Maryland, said the shift in monetary policy has also burdened banks with unrealized losses, which reflect the erosion in value of long-term US Treasury-linked assets due to interest rate increases. I think there's still a liquidity risk for some of these institutions until we get past these interest rate issues, Rossi said.

July 11, 2023
In push to protect banking system, banks could have to hold more cash
“Taking it to at least $100 billion makes a lot of sense. Then you're going to be looking at more of those kinds of SVB, Signature Bank risks in a much more scrutinized way than what we had coming into the first quarter,” said Cliff Rossi, a professor of finance at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business who also worked in high levels of risk management for several large banks. While more banks would qualify for tighter scrutiny, it is only a few dozen in a system made of thousands.

Supply Chain Risk

July/August 2023
A Systemwide Approach to Managing the Risks of Continuous Manufacturing
Understanding and managing risks to continuous manufacturing (CM) technology is central to any decision to greenlight CM in a production-ready environment.  Applying a systemwide risk management (SRM) approach to manufacturing is essential to ensuring manufacturing projects are vetted in a comprehensive and consistent manner.

Financial Risk

August 12, 2023
ICE’s $12bn mortgage tech deal builds heft in US home loans
Some lenders are anxious after FTC drops fight against exchange group’s takeover of Black Knight.

July 13, 2023
In Q2, DC-area companies are back in the billion zone
According to the latest VC report, the region is continuing its upswing in funding raises, and experts are cautiously optimistic about the rest of the year.

Climate Risk

July 17, 2023
When El Niño exacerbates global warming: Record heat, record flooding, record wildfires
When global warming and El Niño are hitting at the same time, “it can be difficult separating what is just a weather event or if it is part of a longer trend,” Timothy Canty, professor in the department of atmospheric and oceanic science at University of Maryland, told CNBC. But what is clear is that climate change makes it more likely that an extreme weather event will happen.

White Papers

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