Smith School team consults with Tom Corsi during Global Supply Chain Game

In 2013, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) awarded the SCMC $200,000 for research and development of enterprise tools & technologies for managing risk in the cyber supply chain.

Utilizing multi-year funding from NIST, SCMC successfully built a Cyber Risk Management Portal with the following features:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Tool based on the President's Executive Cyber Security Framework
  • Supply Chain Assessment Tool, based on latest NIST guidelines and practices, that evaluates your organization's strategic control over its end-to-end IT supply chain.
  • Mapping Tool to determine the vulnerability of key hubs and nodes in your IT supply chain
  • Insurance Risk Analysis Tool, enables your publically-traded organization to benchmark itself against a database of cyber security breaches by industry
  • Easy-to-use Executive Dashboard to display and access assessment results
  • News feeds and alerts relative to cyber security

The Portal can be accessed at:

The SCMC currently is constructing an econometric model for the Director of the Department of Defense’s Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy.

This study is draws on the following data sets concerning the benchmarking firm: APQC’s supply chain operations reference metrics (SCOR) database; Bloomberg’s SPLC Database; and SEC 10k and Quarterly Filings for both financial and supply chain performance variables.


  • Quantify the impact that supply chain performance metrics have on a firm’s financial performance
  • Quantify the impact that supply chain structure variables have on a firm’s financial performance

Sandor Boyson, John-Patrick Paraskevas, and Isaac Elking, “Bloomberg Supplier Analysis Project, Student Manual, “ April 2014. MS and MBA Capstone Project.

Lockheed Martin (2010):

  • White Paper on Supply Chain Outsourcing for UMD’s Center For Public Policy/Private Enterprise.

Army Material Command/MLRS (2003-2004): 

  • Built supply chain portal for the HIMARS Missile Launcher
  • Mapped Lockheed’s HIMARS supply base and developed portal capable of managing sourcing and distribution.

Office Of Secretary Of Defense (2001):

  • Built supply chain portal for Air Force’s B-1 Bomber (F101 Engine).

Office Of Secretary Of Defense (1998):

  • Conducted detailed, 10-year Supply Chain Technology Forecast for Deputy Assistant Under Secretary For Logistics Plans (Lou Kratz).