ICT Supply Chain Risk Management

Course Dates: 5/18/13 - 6/8/13 [see full schedule]

FacultySandor Boyson

Supply chain cyber specialists must now offer enterprise-wide leadership in assessing, prioritizing and mitigating risk. In this course you will access the latest business thinking about controlling risk in global, highly distributed supply chains through study of vanguard corporate enterprise risk management projects and the analytic tools they employ. This course incorporates supply chain analysis, risk analysis and cybersecurity threat modeling concepts and techniques into an integrated approach to end-to-end Information Communications Technology (ICT) supply chain assurance. This assurance discipline covers the hardware, software, network and systems integration service dimensions of cybersecurity from both the threat spectrum and risk mitigation/response sides. The course will use a graded team-based computer industry simulation to provide hands on experience of managing and protecting a corporate supply chain.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a grounding in the foundational concepts and techniques for supply chain risk management.
  • Explore the risks of counterfeits, malware and state-sponsored or criminal intrusions and best practices for managing these risks.
  • Consider how to assure defense in depth in all phases of the systems development lifecycle and to manage defense in breadth across the operations of extended supply chains
  • Use two industry-leading risk models: the Supply Chain Council’ supply chain operations reference model( SCOR) and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional's X-Treme Supply Chain Management model and learn how SCRM concepts and techniques are being applied to the ICT supply chain.