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Cybersecurity Leadership Orientation Bootcamp

Course Date: 2/23/13 [see full schedule]

Meet at University of Maryland’s main campus in College Park for an intensive one-day experience that will enhance your career development and improve your ability to manage enterprise-wide risk.

Dr. Don Riley-academic director of the program, will share an overview of the opportunities and imperatives in the fast-growing cybersecurity job market. Global businesses and national governments need the skills you will develop during this program.

Dr. Riley and Smith staff will help you drive the most value from your relationship with the University of Maryland, faculty and the peer network you will access during the program and throughout your relationship with the university.

Please read your advance program materials carefully prior to the bootcamp and arrive prepared to ask questions. The bootcamp will conclude with a private dinner offering an opportunity for you to get to know the cohort—a valuable network which can support your during your studies and long into your future.