Working with organizations from a wide range of industries, the Supply Chain Management Center's faculty develops concepts and strategies to help organizations implement next-generation solutions of the e-supply chain collaborative environment.

Joint Research and Development Sessions

Company managers (up to 20) meet with Supply Chain Management Center faculty researchers to assess company needs/capabilities and match with SCMC's skills to define a specific research plan. Based on daylong discussions, SCMC will present a specific research proposal with tasks listed, timeframe, and total lists. A faculty researcher serves as the SCMC's point of contact. Upon completion of the work, company managers reconvene at the Netcentric Lab to hear results and discuss implications.

SCMC Staff

Sandor Boyson Sandor Boyson
Thomas Corsi Thomas Corsi
Curt Grimm Curt Grimm
Alexander Verbraeck Alexander Verbraeck

Adjunct Faculty

Holly Zhang; Email: