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Welcome to our Digital Resource Library!  Whether you are student, practitioner or a researcher our Library can help you find relevant, thoughtful, insightful content related to the social value creation broadly, and specific content that exemplifies our Five Principles for Better Business framework. The Library includes resources from news media, academic journals, research organizations, advisory groups, and the private sector, and spans issue areas, sectors, and types. Expand each category to find a selection of featured resources. Featured resources will be updated periodically.

Better Business - Principle 1: Lead with Integrity, Transparency & Purpose

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Better Business - Principle 2: Embrace Stakeholders

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Better Business - Principle 4: Safeguard the Natural World

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Better Business - Principle 5: Leverage Markets to Address Societal Challenges

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“James Gibbons: "Goodwill As The Original Social Enterprise" (Interview)
YouPhil, November 2013

“A New Market for Old and Ugly Fruit and Vegetables Takes Shape” (Article)
The Economist, January 2018

“Market-Oriented and Mission-Focused: Social Enterprises Around the Globe” (Article)
Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), October 2016

"Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience" (Article, Opinion)
New York Times, October 2017

“When Nonprofits Become Market Innovators, Social Returns Are Exponential” (Article)
SSIR, December 2016

The Business Case

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Sustainability & Circularity

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“Patagonia’s Business Manifesto Still Ahead Of Its Time 10 Years Later” (Article)
FastCompany, September 2016

“The Next Phase of Business Sustainability” (Article)
SSIR, Spring 2018

“Sustainability Lessons From the Front Lines” (Article)
MIT Sloan, Winter 2017

“22 Research Studies Proving the ROI of Sustainability”
Sustainable Brands, 2017

“Expert Column: The World is Round; the Economy Should be Circular” (Article)
San Antonio Business Journal, June 2018

“8 Videos that Explain the Circular Economy” (Article / Videos)
World Economic Forum, April 2016

“If These Giant Companies Can Switch To The Circular Economy, So Can Anyone” (Article)
FastCompany, June 2017

“8 Business Cases to the Circular Economy” (Case)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development, July 2017

Impact Investing

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“Why Impact Investing Matters: A Primer” (Article)
Network for Business Sustainability, March 2018

“Sustainable Investment Joins the Mainstream”
The Economist, November 2017

“Valuing Social Impact Expertise in Impact Investing”
Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), November 2017

“Sustainable Value: Communicating ESG to the 21t Century Investor” (Report)
Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, 2017

“Market Making for Mission”
January 2017