Student Consultants


Results That MatterChange the World student consultants have helped more than 250 organizations to date. Each semester, students spend 2,400 hours creating actionable deliverables that can be easily digested and implemented by our nonprofit partners.

In this competitive, co-curricular experience teams of graduate and undergraduate students work with regional nonprofits to help them address business challenges and deliver more effectively on their promises. Throughout the semester student teams work to: set expectations with a client, develop a timeline for deliverables, and collaborate to determine strategic recommendations. Most importantly, student consultants play an important part in creating measurable change in their community. Most CTW nonprofit partners do not have the resources to hire professional consulting firms; this means that without the help of student consultants, important mission-driven work would be left undone.

Undergraduate student consultants also benefit from connecting and networking with professional consultants at Deloitte. Deloitte consultants serve as mentors for undergraduate teams, providing feedback and advice throughout the project, and answering any questions students may have with regard to pursuing a professional consulting career. 

The program is rigorous, but the challenge is worth it. Student consultants are able to capitalize on this experience by showcasing project deliverables to employers as real-world examples of what they can accomplish.

Project Selection

Projects selected for Change the World Consulting go through a competitive application process and are thoroughly vetted and scoped prior to posting for student consideration. Projects usually fall into one of the following functional areas: marketing, strategic planning, information systems, operations, human resources, finance, accounting, and organizational development.

During the student application process, applicants are able to rank projects based on interest. Accepted students are then matched to teams based on expressed project interest and relevant skills.

Student Testimonials

Students from all populations have found the program to be a critical component in both personal and professional development. More than 95 percent of students reported that their business skills improved due to their participation in the program and 90 percent of students were able to directly relate classroom concepts to their work. Check out what past participants had to say:

"CTW made me feel at home in the Smith School. It provided a community of individuals passionate about business acumen and positive community impact, proving that these goals can co-exist."
- Fasika Delessa '17, Management

"Nonprofit consulting with CTW really reaffirmed what my passions are and where I want to take my career professionally. Whether you want to go into the nonprofit sector or consulting for the for-profit sector, CTW prepares you to excel in your desired path."
- Rahul Shah, MBA 2015

"Working with mentors from Deloitte through CTW allowed me to really understand what it means to be a consultant. My team and I were able to bring real impact and by the end of the semester, I knew what I wanted to do with my career. The partnership with Deloitte allowed me to take advantage of a real consulting project and solidify my path to consulting."
- Sagar Doshi '15, Finance, Social Innovation and Philanthropic Management

Application Information

Applications are closed but will reopen for Fall 2018 in August 2018. Applicants are required to submit an online application and resume. Please check back soon.


The program is open to students from disciplines across the University of Maryland. In past semesters, successful consultants have come from Undergraduate, MBA, Part-Time MBA, EMBA, OMBA, and MPP programs.


Any additional questions can be directed to CSVC at