Faculty Affiliates

Faculty affiliates include adjunct and research faculty at the Robert H. Smith School of Business who integrate content, teach courses or conduct research in the realm of social value creation.

Management & Organization

David Kirsch, Associate Professor

David Kirsch is the faculty champion of Social Innovation Fellows (SIF) — an undergraduate program that immerses students in the role of entrepreneurship — and intrapraneurship — in driving positive social and environmental change through business. Kirsch's research interests include industry emergence, electric vehicles, technological choice, technological failure, and the role of entrepreneurship in the emergence of new industries.

Paulo Prochno, Assistant Dean, Part-Time MBA, and Online Programs

Paulo Prochno has written articles in the areas of knowledge management, organizational routines, cross-border management, and manufacturing strategy. Through his consulting and executive education engagements, he has helped major companies in Brazil to shape and disseminate their strategies and to foster innovation. His primary research areas include knowledge transfer, organizational routines, and innovation management.

James Sanders, Lecturer

Jim Sanders has taught social entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship since 1995. His areas of applied research and practice are social impact evaluation, impact investing, and business incubation.

Robert M. Sheehan, Jr., Lecturer & Academic Director of the EMBA Program

Rob Sheehan's research and academic publications are focused on leadership, strategy and organizational effectiveness. Sheehan teaches "BUSI 758N: Strategic Management for Nonprofit & Public Organizations" and "PLCY 689Y: Nonprofit Fundraising."

Logistics, Business & Public Policy

Sandy Boyson, Research Professor

Sandor Boyson serves as a research professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He holds an affiliate faculty appointment at the Institute of Systems Research, A. James Clark School of Engineering. His research is focused on supply chain and has also taught graduate courses in technology management, supply chain management and risk management for 25 years.

Rachelle Sampson, Associate Professor

Rachelle Sampson’s current research exposes rising short-termism in US firms and capital markets, outlining implications for firm productivity and growth, the changing nature of R&D within firms, as well as environmental impact. Sampson has a particular interest in the impact of sustainability practices on employee engagement and productivity as well as how this translates into long-term performance. She teaches sustainability economics and strategy and has worked to expand the sustainability curriculum at the University of Maryland as a faculty mentor for the Sustainability Teaching Fellows.

Bennet A. Zelner, Associate Professor

Bennet Zelner studies the strategies that firms use to manage the diverse political, social and economic institutions they encounter when doing business abroad. His research focuses on infrastructure industries recently subject to market-oriented reform—such as privatization, deregulation and liberalization—and the challenges that such environments pose for private investors. Social value related research includes, "The Effect of "Green" Energy Policies on Innovation."


Amna Kirmani, Ralph J. Tyser Professorship in Marketing

Amna Kirmani's research interests include morality, persuasion knowledge, online communication, and branding. Social value research includes, "Doing Well vs. Doing Good: The Differential Effect of Underdog Positioning on Moral and Competent Service Providers," Journal of Marketing.

Rebecca Ratner, Dean's Professor of Marketing

Rebecca Ratner is the Dean's professor of marketing. Ratner's research explores factors underlying suboptimal consumer decision making and focuses on variety seeking, motivation and the influence of social norms. She teaches the MBA course "Marketing for Social Value."

Rosellina Ferraro, Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Marketing

Rosellina Ferraro's research focuses on consumer behavior, and specifically, the effects of social influence on choice and preference and the effects of external threats on consumption behavior. Ferraro's social value research focuses on the sharing economy and cause-related marketing.

Accounting & Information Assurance

Samuel Handwerger, Lecturer

Sam Handwerger, CPA, is a full-time lecturer in the accounting department and is a University of Maryland undergraduate accounting alumnus. Handwerger teaches "BUAC 758A: Accounting for Social Value in Corporate America" at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Baltimore campus.

Decision, Operations & Information Technologies

Shreevardhan Lele, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs – MBA Programs & Clinical Professor

Shreevardhan Lele teaches in the MBA and executive MBA programs in three distinct areas: (a) ethical leadership and the role of managers in society, (b) the economics of incentives and strategic coordination using game theory, and (c) business analytics using statistics and management science.

Wedad J. Elmaghraby, Professor of Management Science & Operations Management

Wedad Elmaghraby's current research interests include the design of competitive procurement auctions in business-to-business markets and pricing in markets where buyers behave strategically. Current areas of application are e-commerce, logistics, supply chain management in the electronics industry, and energy markets.

Anand Gopal, Associate Professor

Anand Gopal's research interests are broadly in technology platforms, contracts and entrepreneurship. Social value research includes "On the Use of the Mobile Device Ecosystem in Charitable Giving", "The Use of Entrepreneurial Accelerators in Early-stage Venture Survival: a Study of Startup Chile", and "The Structure and Performance of Public-Private Alliances: The Case of Global Development Alliances within USAID."

Siva Viswanathan, Dean's Professor of Information Systems and Digital Innovation & Co-Director of DIGITS

Siva Viswanathan's research focuses on the role of digital market micro-structures and their implications for user behaviors and outcomes in a variety of online sharing platforms and markets. Social value research includes "Lending to the Bottom of the Pyramid: Investor Incentive and Peer-to-Peer Micro Lending to Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries".

Anand Anandalingam, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Management Science

Professor G. 'Anand' Anandalingam is the Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Management Science at the Smith School of Business. He was dean of the Smith School from 2007 to 2013, and under his direction, the Center for Social Value Creation was formed. Anandalingam was dean of Imperial College Business School from August 2013 to July 2016. He has published more than 100 papers and 4 books. He currently conducts research on Universal Basic Income and works with a social innovation fund to help rehabilitate the war-torn area of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka.

Office of Transformational Learning

Amy Kincaid, Lecturer

Amy Kincaid teaches undergraduate Business Consulting in Social Enterprise and Impact Organizations. Also at UMD, Kincaid helped co-design and teach the Writing for Social Entrepreneurship course, and is currently revising the Hillman Entrepreneurs consulting course. She is the founding principal of a strategy consultancy that has been advising, raising capital and measuring impact in nonprofits, foundations, and socially-responsible companies since 1998.

Faculty Affiliates (College of Arts & Humanities)


Sun Young Lee, Assistant Professor

Sun Lee’s research interests focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), and specifically on businesses’ creation of social value and generation of positive social impacts. Her research interests include communication strategies to attenuate consumer skepticism, visual strategies in CSR messages, the co-creation of social value through CSR activities, and the effects of CSR practices in a crisis context. She also teaches a course on public relations and corporate social responsibility.