About Us

We Get It

Creating a Better World Through Business

Business has long been a driver of social value.  Whether developing and disseminating new advances in healthcare, keeping homes warm and food cool, or providing technology to connect people on opposite sides of the globe, business has done a lot of good. We think it has the potential to do even more.

The Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) embodies a passionate mission: educate, engage and empower Smith students to create a better world through business.  We imagine a future where companies, communities, society and the natural world collectively thrive. Social value creation is about using the tools of business to help us get there. Through courses, programs, and industry collaborations we prepare students to be business leaders able to advance advance economic, social and environmental prosperity. Our work is rooted in five Principles for Better Business.

And, we’re not in this alone. The business and higher-education landscape have evolved, demonstrating the world is ready for a new way of thinking. Today, 75% of CEOs invest in sustainable products and services, and 71% of businesses are planning how to engage with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. On the higher education side, more than 80% of the top 30 ranked Business Schools host social value or sustainability-oriented centers and research. By many measures, the importance of sustainability and social value creation is on the rise.

Our History

The Center for Social Value Creation was created by former Dean G. “Anand” Anandalingam (2009-13) and founding Director Melissa Carrier (2009-2014). Over the years CSVC has engaged thousands of University of Maryland students, collaborated with hundreds of thought leaders, and partnered with more than 250 nonprofits and social enterprises through signature programs like Change the World Nonprofit Consulting, and the Social Enterprise Symposium, both now retired. In 2016 the Center reorganized around the Principles for Better Business framework, released formally in 2017 under the direction of Kimberlee R. Glinka.