Understanding the “why” and “how” of enterprise and markets.

The center’s research seeks to answer questions such as why businesses are successful, why one economy struggles as another thrives, and why we need to be good corporate citizens. The center strives to understand and explain how enterprise and markets create value, thereby enabling upward mobility, progress and broadly shared prosperity.

By drawing on academic excellence across the University of Maryland and around the world, the center conducts interdisciplinary research to drive enterprise and innovation. The center works with faculty and students in the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland College Park Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland College Park Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland College Park Department of History, and other schools and departments within the University of Maryland, and in partnership with a team of affiliated researchers.

Our cutting-edge research spans four key areas:

  • Business & Society, including insight into the nuances of domestic and foreign economies to inform business decisions.
  • Finance & Regulation, where our researchers analyze the impact of policy and regulation – such as Dodd-Frank and current patent law — on markets.
  • Talent & Leadership to inform how core psychological traits and behaviors influence attitudes towards trust, risk, and communication — which contributes to effective team building and relationship management strategies that are critical for success.
  • Technology & Innovation, including studies that provide insight into the type of environment, is needed to allow market-based solutions to be implemented.

To learn more about the fantastic work being done by our research team, visit our digital publication, Snider Focus.

Robert H. Smith School of Business