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Dr. Rajshree Agarwal, Robert H. Smith School of Business
Dr. Mircea Raianu, Department of History
Dr. Jim Purtilo, Department of Computer Science
Dr. C. Scott Dempwolf, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation


Kunal Harmalkar
Liuxin Yan

2019-20 FELLOWS

Zachary BeeZachary Bee

Zachary Bee is a senior, finance major. Bee is interested in studying mutual fund performances and strategies, quantitative methods in finance, and international equities.

“I am researching issues in foreign equity offerings, primarily in developing countries. I will be looking at informational inefficiencies, illiquidity, risk and other issues in order to find the best countries and industries within those countries to invest in. At the end of the research I will form a portfolio of specific foreign equities and detail the reasoning and methods behind the formation of the portfolio.”

Ashley DengAshley Deng

Ashley Deng is a freshman, neurobiology and physiology major. Deng is especially interested in studying the intersection between public health, business, and medicine.

“In my research, I will study the relationship between safe sexual health practices and education programs on college campuses. Multiple studies have shown that college students are the most at risk for sexually transmitted diseases due to lack of education and resources. In analyzing the amount of funding, the number of free, on-campus health programs, and relevant university policies, I will compare the sexual health of multiple colleges across the country. I hope this will provide the foundation for a public health campaign on university campuses that will promote awareness and provide more resources to make college campuses a healthier environment.”

Jackson DevadasJackson Devadas

Jackson Devadas is a junior, neurobiology and physiology major with a statistics minor. Devadas is interested in mental health treatment, health outcomes within marginalized communities, and overall psychiatric epidemiology.

“In my research, I hope to examine the state of on-campus mental health services as it pertains to aiding LGBT students of color. Specifically, I would like to see the misalignment in the perceptions between students and the service providers themselves. Through this research, I hope to illuminate areas in which on-campus services can improve in their approach to treating the mental health of LGBT students of color, hopefully inspiring future change at the university.”

Iman DurraniIman Durrani

Iman Durrani is a sophomore information science major. Durrani is interested in machine learning, social networking technology, psychology, globalization, and the process of spreading information online.

“My area of research is the impact of social media activism. I am looking to see whether or not the rise of social media activism has led to a decrease in human empathy, which in turn has led to a decrease in real-world activism by people who would otherwise engage in in-person forms of activism. This investigation should lead to additional conclusions on the influx of fake news and emotional value of social media activism.”

Aaron FogelsonAaron Fogelson

Aaron Fogelson is a sophomore, finance and information systems double major. Fogelson is interested in technology and how the transition to a tech-focused future impacts the economy and society.

“In my research, I will examine crypto-currencies and how they impact fraud and cyber-crime. I will analyze trends in the fluctuations of crypto-currencies and go into detail to find how they are abused. Additionally, I will research how crypto-currencies came to be and how they are able to hold value.”

Efia B. Ofosu-NtiamoahEfia B. Ofosu-Ntiamoah

Efia Ofosu-Ntiamoah is a senior majoring in accounting at the Smith School. She is passionate about student development, diversity and inclusion, and emerging technologies. On-campus, she serves as a resident assistant and the president for the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). A fun fact about her is that her name “Efia” means a woman born on Friday in her Ghanaian culture.

“My research examines the transfer student experience at 4-year colleges and universities. I will be examining factors that are needed to understand the transfer students' needs, and what school administrations can do to support students on their academic journey, especially in their first year. Specifically, I will be looking at how the diversity of each students' background and the perception that "transfer students already have college experience" affects the level of support they receive at their new institutions.”

Nitin ReddyNitin Reddy

Nitin Reddy is a freshman, economics major. Reddy is interested in economic policy, exchange rate fluctuations, and using our knowledge of them to better understand international business cycle trends.

“In my research, I will examine how economic policy uncertainty in a country has affected the volatility of its currency's foreign exchange rate. Specifically, I will look at the United States over the past twenty years. For this study, I will analyze the volatility of the dollar using FOREX market data and compare it to changes in economic policy uncertainty, using statistical analysis techniques to determine if there is a correlation.”

Joey WardJoey Ward

Joey Ward is a sophomore, international business and operations management & business analytics double major with a Spanish minor. Ward enjoys pursuing research on the topics of philanthropy efforts, income inequality, and efficient government expenditure.

“My research will focus on the relationship of the wealth gap and scale of private philanthropy donations. Within this area, I hope to observe the decade of 2005-2015 in order to see how changes in the economy affect both of these figures. I hope to aggregate my own data from various sources and use visualization tools like Tableau to analyze correlations.”


Mohammed Alghaffari
Ethan Liu
Mario Menendez

2018-19 FELLOWS

My-Asia ChaplinMy-Asia Chaplin

My-Asia Chaplin is a senior, Global Health Equity and Policy major. She is involved in multiple programs, organizations, and fellowships that focus on global health disparities, health policy, and medicine. My-Asia aspires to attend osteopathic medical school to pursue a DO-PhD dual degree program focused on health policy.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine how the construction of highway infrastructure in the United States generated revenue for some American communities while fostering health disparities in poorer areas. My research will examine the effects of redlining and industrial segregation and generate findings on how, in today's society, communities have higher rates of poorer health outcomes as a result of these forces.

Madeleine ChengMadeleine Cheng

Madeleine Cheng is a sophomore, Finance and Information Systems double major with a minor in history. She has had experience doing research with salivary gland cells at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and the mirror neuron system at the University of Maryland's Child Development Lab. Outside of her majors/minor, Madeleine is interested in a broad range of topics including neuroscience, entrepreneurship, climate change, the music industry, and criminal and intellectual property law.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the economic impacts of coastal erosion due to climate change in various cities around the world. I want to look at what types of businesses will be impacted, where the displaced population will have to relocate and the consequences, how transportation systems and networks will be affected, and how local economies will evolve and adapt to all these changes. I hope that my research will bring more awareness and an increased sense of urgency to the issue of climate change. I want to call attention to things that we should be doing and planning for now, in order to prevent and/or mitigate the potentially disastrous future impacts.

Courtland ClimerCourtland Climer

Courtland Climer is a sophomore, Computer Science major. His interests include applications of linear algebra, cybersecurity, and machine learning. Outside of research, Courtland enjoys board games, reading, and video games.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will create a machine-learning-based mathematical model for measuring the value of different elements of personal information to tech-based corporations. Ultimately, I want to create a tool that a consumer could use to estimate their data's value to these corporations so that their future interactions with those businesses will be better informed and better understood.

Nadia DohertyNadia Doherty

Nadia Doherty is a sophomore. Government & Politics and Criminology & Criminal Justice double major. She is interested in criminal and constitutional law, as well as civil rights and drug policy. Nadia enjoys working with others, learning new things, and, upon graduation, hopes to attend law school.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the recent decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal and, among other factors, how it has affected drug consumption, crime, the economy, and overdose rates. In the context of the United States, I will examine the potential application of this model of federal decriminalization as a solution to the current opioid epidemic. I will analyze the difficulties of applying this model to the United States and any potential consequences or progress that it may bring to society.

Elizabeth GearyElizabeth Geary

Elizabeth Geary is a junior, Criminology and Criminal Justice major with a minor in Global Terrorism. Her interests include United States policies toward the current criminal justice system and domestic terrorism policies. Elizabeth wants to continue researching in her career to influence policies to better the well-being of the country.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the way media writes about international jihadist terrorism in comparison to domestic (United States) violent extremism. I will be looking at reliable news outlets, differentiating them by their liberal, conservative, or moderate viewership and business model, and comparing their word choice, number of articles on each attack, and word count to see if there is bias in their reporting. I will then compare this to the public's response and their threat perception with their knowledge of the criminal justice response to terrorism vs. violent extremism.

Michael GordonMichael Gordon

Michael Gordon is a sophomore, Accounting and Information Systems double major. Some of his research interests include analyzing equity fundamentals and, more broadly, macroeconomic themes. Upon graduation, Michael is interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting and hopes to pursue a career in federal law enforcement.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine whether the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should ban public companies from reporting financial measures that do not follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines. Management teams at many public companies, in notes to their quarterly financial statements, adjust their stated GAAP earnings, thus altering the true results of their operations. Financial media outlets then report these adjusted numbers to the public, which can seriously mislead investors. I will examine this problem and the ramifications of tightening accounting disclosure regulations.

Kunal HarmalkarKunal Harmalkar

Kunal Harmalkar is a freshman, Government and Politics major with a concentration in International Relations. Kunal is interested in globalization, modern slavery, corporate social responsibility, and global governance.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine steps corporations are taking to eradicate modern slavery from their global supply chains - specifically, those operating in the United Kingdom. For this study, I will analyze statements disclosed under the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and use data mining techniques to determine key topics within corporate statements.

Beixuan JiaBeixuan Jia

Beixuan Jia is a senior, Statistics major and Business Analytics minor. Some of Beixuan's research interests include data analytics, machine learning, computational linguistics, and public health.

Research Scope:

In my joint research alongside Siddharaj Vaghela, we will examine the correlations between the online reviews and doctors' clinic/service skills. We will be analyzing doctors’ reviews on yelp using R and Python analysis tools. We hope that our research will offer patients unbiased, comprehensive information about their doctors and improve clinical services in general.

Christian KincaidChristian Kincaid

Christian Kincaid is a sophomore, Finance and Economics double major. His interests include investing, machine learning, and public policy. Upon graduation, Christian aspires to a career in investment management with the ultimate goal of creating wealth for clients.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the impact of demographic trends and unconventional monetary policy on pension funding levels in the United States. After the financial crisis, both corporate and public pension plans became significantly underfunded. A decade after the crisis, corporate pensions have almost completely recovered while public pensions remain deeply in debt. I will be collecting data on the factors that influence pension funding levels, including discount rates, projected benefit obligations, and employer contributions.

Sophie LinSophie Lin

Sophie Lin is a junior, Finance and Information Systems dual degree candidate. Through her work with the UMD Women in Business Association, she is passionate about empowering strong female leaders in the workplace and encouraging others to break through their potential. In the future, Sophie hopes to use her skills to foster communication and create efficient solutions to business problems.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine Simpson's paradox as it pertains to real-world management organization challenges and gender issues (e.g. wage gap). Simpson's paradox is a statistical phenomenon in which a conclusion drawn from a subset of data may contradict a conclusion drawn from the overall dataset. I hope my research will be able to expose statistical anomalies and better help companies structure their management organization as well as change the way people analyze data and come to conclusions.

Eunisa LuEunisa Lu

Eunisa Lu is a sophomore, Finance and Information Systems double major. Her interests include sustainable development and innovative agriculture. Eunisa is very excited for what the SURE program has in store for them.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will look at innovative agriculture - specifically vertical farming and hydroponic/aquaponic systems. I will examine the impact of hydroculture on modern agriculture and better understand what specific industry barriers keep it from taking off, as well as the areas in farming to best implement this technology for it to make a difference.

Srivats Narasimhan


Carley PeyserCarley Peyser

Carley Peyser is a senior, General Biological Sciences major and Business minor. She is interested in areas that combine healthcare and science with business, including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Beyond these interests, Carley is passionate about collaborating with others and leaving a positive mark on the world.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the future of breast cancer screening as it relates to genomics and personalized medicine. I am directing the paper toward millennials, which would be the age group impacted by these innovations in biomedicine. I will analyze research on new biomarkers that are being used in current and future breast cancer screenings. Additional research will be done by interviewing female millennials on what they know about breast cancer screening and personalized medicine. By analyzing the information from scientific publications and personal interviews, my paper will translate the information on what millennials need to know today in order to have a better understanding of future breast cancer screenings.

Elizabeth ThilmanyElizabeth Thilmany

Elizabeth Thilmany is a sophomore, Supply Chain Management and Agriculture & Resource Economics double major with a minor in Statistics. Elizabeth is a Resident Assistant, enjoys playing the bass in the University of Maryland's Repertoire Orchestra, and is an active volunteer for the Food Recovery Network.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine and quantify Industrial Hemp Production in America from the perspectives of active players - including but not limited to: farmers, consumers, policymakers, researchers, and public universities. The scope and direction of my research will be determined by whether or not the 2018 Farm Bill passes.

Siddharaj VaghelaSiddharaj Vaghela

Siddharaj Vaghela is a freshman, Computer Science major. His interests include the healthcare field and the use of computer technologies in assisting that field. Siddharaj is also an avid reader and enjoys playing basketball.

Research Scope:

In my joint research alongside Beixuan Jia, we will examine the correlations between the online reviews and doctors' clinic/service skills. We will be analyzing doctors’ reviews on yelp using R and Python analysis tools. We hope that our research will offer patients unbiased, comprehensive information about their doctors and improve clinical services in general.

Shreyas VaidyaShreyas Vaidya

Shreyas Vaidya is a sophomore, Computer Science and Economics double major from San Jose, California. He is interested in the financial technology industry and how technology is changing different markets. Shrevays is excited to improve his research capabilities through the SURE Program.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the financial technology field, especially in relation to the leasing market. Leasing technology is a relatively new field, and I hope to delve into how technology is impacting leasing. Specifically, I will be researching how technology can optimize lending between parties.

Liuxin YanLiuxin Yan

Liuxin Yan is a junior, Accounting and Information Systems double major. Liuxin has a passion for investigating the impact of technology on cross-cultural organizational dynamics, strategic human resource management, and overall effective business operations.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the impact of modern strategic human resource management. I am interested in integrating the use of IT technology into management/HR. I hope to design a comprehensive human resource information system (HRIS), that can take essential OB factors into consideration while efficiently hiring, coordinating, and allocating resources.

Eric ZhangEric Zhang

Eric Zhang is a sophomore, Finance and Computer Science dual degree candidate with a data science specialization. Eric is interested in quantitative finance, technology, and utilizing technology to better lives.

Research Scope:

In my research, I will examine the recent ruling of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - forcing dark pools to disclose more data - and its implications on the efficient market hypothesis. Dark pools facilitate block trading and are dependent on decreased transparency, which helps lessen the impact on the market. For this study, I will delve into the efficient market hypothesis, collecting data from dark pool trading, and analyze the implications and impact of increased transparency.


Sade Ayinde
Adam Hostetter

2017-18 FELLOWS

Mohammed Alghaffari
Modibo Abbo
Adwoa Boateng
Sydney Edwards
Hannah Koh
Ethan Liu
Mario Menendez
Erin Musselman
Alden Newman
Shiv Patel
Ashwin Suryavanshi
Jonathan Taylor
Gareth Weakly
Jeffrey Yin


Lalitha Cheruvu

2016-17 FELLOWS

Shabnam Ahmed
Sade Ayinde
Hamaza Choudery
Jack Garabedian
Adam Hostetter
Gurleen Kaur
Derek Xio


Amanda Yard

2015-16 FELLOWS

Lalitha Cheruvu
Matt Ernst
Sarina Haryanto
Anjali Kalavar
Vikash Sahu

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