Snider Professional Development Society (SPDS)

Snider Professional Development Society (SPDS)

Executive Board

  • President: Jacob Maggid
  • Executive VP: Yash Talreja
  • VP of Communications: Joe Houghton II
  • VP of Strategic Operations: George Assaf
  • VP of Marketing: Nolan Marks
  • VP of Treasury: Devin Streight
  • VP of Technology: Evan Ni

Mission Statement

The Snider Professional Development Society (SPDS) enables individuals to optimize their abilities and aspirations in their pursuit of determining their future career path. The club seeks to foster personal growth in each member by providing opportunities to build leadership skills, develop collaborative relationships, and engage in reasoned and respectful discourse. We will achieve the above mission by organizing school-wide events, intimate workshops, and recognizing students in the University of Maryland with awards for their innovation and leadership. Through the affiliation with the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets, SPDS will provide direct access to faculty and business professionals to help our members determine their intended occupation.


  • Building leadership skills through engagement and learning.
  • Exploring professional interests and career paths.
  • Promoting critical thinking and engaging in respectful discourse.

What We Want To Do

  • Help students explore and expand their passions, which will result in a more fulfilling career.
  • Enable each student to find their ideal career path and become a well-rounded individual.
  • Foster personal growth by challenging students and putting them into growth scenarios.
  • Challenge students through intellectual and critical thinking. Reinforce argumentative skills of logic, reasoning, and thoughtfulness.
  • Create a “home” or network of peers at the University of Maryland.
  • Build friendships.